I’m Back In The Game

For three straight months, I’ve been doing nothing but work on my sideline projects. This usually consists of article writing, website designing, and a few project consultations here and there. I’m not saying that I’m totally neglecting my full time job. It’s just that I don’t receive a lot of projects from my real job anymore. Just a couple of minor website updates and template modifications from existing clients that usually takes me an hour or two a day. Since it’s apparent that my company doesn’t need me that much, I’ve doubled my efforts to earn online through freelancing again. 

However, this morning, my boss talked to me and asked if I’m bored. I got excited immediately because this is what he always say whenever he wants me to work on a big project. I was right. Our company has undergone a lot of changes for the last couple of months but we’re not trying to get back on track. We’re going to be launching a better brand that includes new software application. As for me, I don’t just need to learn this software, I need to master it. I’m excited and equally pressured. This project is a test to see if I can handle bigger things. Definitely the perfect thing to say for a person as competitive as I am. 

My point is that I’m going to be very busy. I’ll have to start waking up early so I can have at least three hours of uninterrupted work time before my daughter wakes up. Wish me luck. I’m very nervous but psyched at the same time.

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How To Type Online

This morning, I received an email from an assistant of my client. Her message -

Hi, ru done wid da website? Can u pls add da ff mre info so we cn go live asap. I wil jst send u da money tom. I jst nid 2 do a lot of stuff hir n da offc so I cnt go 2 da bank. Tnx.

Que horror. I’m sure she’s using a full keyboard and not sending emails on her phone. Did she just say she’s in the office?

And another one from a previous applicant for a job opening that I posted.

hello. i’m a call center agent wid 3 yrs exp. how much is the starting salary? pls send more info. i’m interested.

Oh, so you’re interested? Well, I’m not. LOL. I posted a two-page job description including skills and detailed requirements so it’s just fair that I receive detailed info from applicants too. As an applicant, you need to convince the interviewer that they need you. Tell me what you have that will make me want to reply back. Just like the famous line from Jerry Maguirre, “you had me at hello”.

Leave the text message style to your cell phones please. Even if you’re just conducting business online, people expect a certain level of professionalism from you. And please, don’t make me start with people who send messages via YM using the BUZZ feature. What happened to “hi, are you there?”, “hello!”. Am I supposed to answer to a BUZZZZ?

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Dream Dream Dream

I am dreaming again. When I woke up this morning, I’ve decided to stay in bed and think about our future dream house. I do this all the time when I was younger. Just lying on the bed, daydreaming and hoping that even if I don’t get up, all the things that I want will come to life. So I started thinking about huge gardens, four-bedroom houses, white picket fences, small pocket playground for the kids, granite countertops, copper sinks and fancy chandeliers, modern exteriors but contemporary chic inside. In this house I have my own office with a comfortable sofa that my daughter can use when she’s hanging out with me. It will also have a small room wherein my husband can put all his music instruments. It will be his sanctuary, his escape from my nagging LOL. Now that I’ve thought about it, four bedrooms won’t be enough anymore. And since I’m only daydreaming, there’s no harm in turning it into a six-bedroom house with a swimming pool and garden for entertaining guests.

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